Men's Diabetic Custom Made Shoes

Men's Diabetic Custom Made Shoes

Diabetic custom made shoes for men by
Men's Diabetic Custom Made Shoes

Men's Diabetic

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Diabetes is a chronic disease caused by genetics and the environment. It affects approximately 250 million people worldwide and is predicted to become more prevalent due to modern living conditions. Prevention is vital and diabetic foot is a condition that occurs due to occlusive arteriopathies and/or diabetic neuropathy. These conditions can cause anatomical and functional alterations, leading to ischemic or neuropathic legs.
Custom-made diabetic shoes must be the right shape and length and must be measured accurately to avoid any pressure points or injuries. Diabetic shoes have a special design that ensures the feet are comfortable and safe, such as a wide opening, a rigid sole, a removable insole and a reinforced heel pad. They are made from hypoallergenic and breathable materials and provide strong ankle support and a non-slip sole for improved propulsion.
Custom made shoes are strictly made to measure.