Custom Made Kids Insoles

Custom Made Kids Insoles

Orthopedic custom made insoles for kids
Custom Made Kids Insoles

Custom Made

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Our company manufactures customized orthopedic foot insoles using data from static-dynamic measurements and analysis. Our specialized staff uses high quality materials such as E.V.A. high quality from specialized European houses, combined with other materials such as antibacterial leather or P.T.T. We make the soles to be light, stable, anti-vibration, washable and non-slip. They can help relieve pressure points and pain, support the anatomy of the foot and prevent injuries. They can benefit people of all ages and people with orthopedic problems, athletes and people in standing occupations.

With a correct construction foot-bottom we can achieve:

- Relief of pressure and pain points
- Supporting the anatomy of the foot
- Straight body support
- Interventional treatment in skeletal deviations
- Distribution of pressures with the correct position ratio
- Elimination or reduction of orthopedic pains
- Prevention of injuries and mechanical pains
- Optimizing sports performance

The manufacture of orthopedic insoles is carried out strictly following a foot chart