Quickie Q50 R Carbon Folding Power Wheelchair


Travel lighter with QUICKIE's lightest carbon folding powerchair. Weighing from just 14.5 kg.

Quickie Q50 R

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Introducing the Quickie Q50R Carbon Folding Power Wheelchair, the ultimate travel companion for those seeking lightweight, reliable mobility. Weighing an astonishing 14.5 kg, this power wheelchair is designed to make your journeys effortless and enjoyable.

Crafted from premium carbon fiber, the Q50R Carbon combines strength and durability with a sleek and captivating design. Its carbon frame offers unparalleled shock-absorbing characteristics, ensuring a smooth and efficient ride over uneven surfaces. With a turning radius of 800 mm, you'll have the maneuverability to navigate tight spaces with ease.

Comfort is paramount, and the Q50R Carbon Wheelchair delivers. The ultra-lightweight foam cushion and backrest upholstery provide exceptional comfort and breathability, keeping you cool and dry during long trips. You can personalize your seating experience for optimal support and relaxation.

When it comes to portability, the Q50R Carbon shines. It folds effortlessly in seconds, allowing you to store it in compact spaces without the need to remove the battery. Its compact dimensions (370 mm length x 570 mm width x 767 mm height) make it easy to fit in a variety of settings, from public transportation to the trunk of your car. Thanks to its rear anti-tips, you can even move it around when it's standing upright.

The Q50R Carbon is approved for air travel, with its lithium-ion battery meeting IATA regulations. However, it's essential to check with your specific airline for their requirements regarding battery-powered vehicles.

Performance is where the Q50R Carbon truly excels. Equipped with 250W high-efficiency brushless motors, this power wheelchair delivers reliable power and exceptional range. With the standard 10Ah lithium-ion battery, you can enjoy a range of up to 12 km. If you desire to go further, the additional battery slot allows you to double your range to an impressive 24 km.

Charging your Q50R Carbon is a breeze. The off-powerchair battery charging feature enables you to conveniently charge the battery separately. The nVR2 BLDC brushless motor controller, known for its reliability and precise response, not only controls the power but also monitors the battery life. Additionally, the brake light enhances your visibility and safety, particularly during nighttime excursions.

Complete the look with your choice of 5 eye-catching accent colors, accentuating the Q50R Carbon's elegant carbon fiber frame.


Width 570 mm
Length 923 mm
Seat Width 440 mm
Seat Depth 420 mm
Backrest Height 464 mm
Castor Wheel 165 mm
Drive Wheel 210 mm
Colors Carbon Fiber
Max. Range: 12 km (one battery), 24 km (with optional additional battery)
Speed 6 km/h
Batteries 10Ah lithium-ion
Max Kerb Climb 40 mm
Total Weight From 14.5 kg (without batteries)
Maximum User Weight 136 kg

Experience unparalleled mobility and freedom with the Quickie Q50R Carbon Folding Power Wheelchair. Embrace its lightweight design, robust performance, and stylish aesthetics as you embark on your daily adventures.