BEN 4 PLUS Rehab Stroller Patron

Children's wheelchair, foldable Ben 4 PLUS in 5 sizes.


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Robust and time-proven durable undercarriage with ergonomically shaped handle and 200/300 mm wheels along with 5 seat-sizes (MINI, Standard, MAXI, SuperMaxi 42, SuperMaxi 45) are the base for the standard line of rehab-strollers. BEN 4 Plus – line is equipped with fully foldable undercarriage, produced of the light weight thin-walled tubes with powder coated surface finishing. Undercarriage is reinforced and optimized for heavy duty usage. Non size adjustable seat with option of 3 angle positions and height adjustable footrest is covered by fully detachable soft padded textile upholstery in fashionable design. The stroller can be optionally equipped with wider variety of special fixing devices and accessories. Easy handling is ensured by the stroller/s fully and very compact foldable frame as well by the stroller’s big wheels. The correct usage of the product should be consulted with a seating specialist. The product corresponds to the newest EC standards as well as hygienic, technical and safety requirements.

Standard Equipment

  • Fixed leash
  • Infinitely folding backrest
  • Angle and height adjustable footstool
  • Front wheels without detent (with detent for extra charge 195 Kc)
  • Full rear wheels (inflatable rear wheels for extra 500Kc)
  • Removable bar
  • Cover design and chassis color according to current offer fixed seat with removable cover with soft filling

Optional Equipment

  • canopy, rain cover
  • headrest, 4-point immo.belt, abductor wedge and other equipment according to the actual list
  • work board
  • basket
MINI STD MAXI SuperMaxi42 SuperMaxi45
Backrest height [mm]: 530 630 710 710 840
Seat depth [mm]: 250 280 360 360 450
seat width [mm]: 300 340 370 400 450
Seat to footrest [mm]: 190-330