Discharge Metatarsals Shoe Orthowedge

Postoperative shoe ORTHOWEDGE


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Very lightweight.

High quality and durability.
Made of multi-layer ventilated fabric.
Inner lining made of anti-allergic, antiperspirant, non-toxic, soft cloth.

Rigid sole with antislip action constructed from multiple layers of plastic, which absorbs shocks.
Plantar soft lining for maximum comfort during application.
Front straps that can cover bulky bandages.
It has a special configuration in the area of the front end of the leg
To discharge the metatarsal when walking.
Anterior adhesive closure.
Can be washed.

Size measure

ΜέγεθοςShoe Size
Extra Small34-37
Extra Large46-48

Ideal for direct walking Postoperatively after:
- Metatarsals osteosynthesis, osteotomy Metatarsals, osteotomy toes.
- Postoperatively after “HALLUX - VALQUS”, “HALLUX - RIGIDUS”.
- Postoperative on the Neuron "MORTON", in Disease "FREIBERG".
- Postoperatively in Surgical Large Finger Arthritis.