Electrolarynx Labex Comfort

Functional and portable Electrolarynx


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Two button design

Feel confident talking with others in any setting—the two-button design of the Labex Comfort can help make communication seamless. Set one button for noisy environments and one for quiet environments. This makes it comfortable to talk anywhere and find the right volume instantly.


Labex Comfort works with all kinds of 9V batteries. Two rechargeable 9V batteries come in the box. When the battery runs our, just swap it with a fresh one, and put the discharged battery in the included charging station. Every battery provides 4+ hours of talk time before needing recharge.

Easy to use and configure

With the Labex Comfort speech aid, you’ll be talking in no time! It’s easy to set the volume levels. The design is so user-friendly that anyone can customize the device to fit their needs.

Small & Light

Labex Comfort is one of the lightest electrolarynx on the market - weighing in at just 73 grams [2.6 2 oz]. It fits easily in the hand with a height of just 10 cm [4 inches]. All of our speech aids are designed with ultimate portability in mind! It comes with a lanyard to wear comfortably around the neck. This keeps your speech aid handy so you can speak at any time.

Water and dust resistant

The Comfort model is IP 54 water and dust resistant certified. That means that it will withstand rain and dust. It is resistant to sweat and moisture, keeping it protected during everyday use.

Rugged construction

The Comfort model has a rugged, injection-molded body. It is designed to withstand shock and drops, cushioning and protecting the technology within. The exterior is easy to clean and fits well in the hand. After all, this model is designed with comfort in mind!