Fashy 63403 Hot & Cold Knee / Elbow Wrap with Gel Beads


Knee/elbow pad Fashy 63403 for heat and cold therapy with gel beads.

Fashy 63403 Hot

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The Fashy 63403 patch with gel beads is placed on the elbow or knee for heat or cold therapy.

It is ideal for relaxation as it gives a sense of well-being.

On the outside the pad has a very soft cover.

The special gel beads on the inside retain cold or heat, are flexible and fit evenly over the body part they are placed on.

When used warm, they relieve muscle tension, cramps and stiff muscles.

When cold, they are ideal aids in case of swelling, bruising and for treating inflammation. For heat therapy, place the patch in a microwave oven for 10 seconds at 800 watts.

For cryotherapy, place the patch in the refrigerator.

Dimensions: 30x41 cm.