Quickie Life Lightweight Wheelchair Sunrise

Quickie Life Lightweight Wheelchair Sunrise


Quickie Life is a foldable wheelchair that combines lightweight and durable structure

Quickie Life Lightweight Wheelchair Sunrise

Quickie Life

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The QUICKIE Life combines a lightweight and durable structure with a modern look active wheelchair. In its standard configuration, the QUICKIE Life wheelchair has a large number of settings to adapt to your needs: adjustments in the front and rear seat height, 4 positions of camber (from 0 to 4°), 4 centres of gravity for a more active or stable ride (between 8.3cm and 2.3cm), fork angle adjustable and more.

The QUICKIE Life wheelchair has an innovative easy folding mechanism that automatically fixes the position of the chair when it is folded to facilitate its use and opening.

The 3 arm cross brace gives the QUICKIE Life folding wheelchair a great robustness, with a reduced weight and a clean and minimalist finish.

Enjoy a modern & robust design - there's a QUICKIE Life to suit your lifestyle! You can personalise your folding wheelchair for your needs. The number of options is limitless: carbon protector, multiple options of backs, footrests and rear tyres, Surge handrims