Because it is important to stand firmly on our feet.

Human foot consists of 26 bones, dozens of muscles, tendons and hundreds of ligaments. All of these have a very special architectural relationship with each other so that the foot can provide us with stability and flexibility during walking. The mechanical pressures that a human foot has on a daily basis by walking or running are too great.  Moreover, the anatomical relationship of the leg bones is not always good, and this is often due to bone structure and to the elasticity of ligaments and other soft tissue molecules. For example, legs with increased elasticity may exhibit flat feet and legs rigid with reduced elasticity presenting pes cavus. One of these problems appears in the later percentage of people. Each leg may therefore have small or large deviations from its correct anatomical position and therefore deviate from the correct axis of walking.

  As a result, the mechanical and proper operation of the entire lower leg is affected, which can cause injuries to the leg itself, the knees, even the spine. Of course, factors such as obesity, overuse and long standing, especially when the shoes are narrow, pointed, tall and old, play a very important role in the above picture.

What is a foot scanner

The foot scanner is a test that analyzes the distribution of pressures during standing, digitally capturing the morphology of our tread. It gives valuable information about lower limbs conditions.
It is a device with thousands of sensors that record the pressures exerted on each point of the tread when it is in contact with its surface. A computer is connected to the device, which collects, processes and analyzes this information.

What is a Digital Foot Scanner?

The digital foot scanner is a modern illustration system for the anatomical tread morphology with the distribution of pressures at the stop.
It consists of the plantar metering device with thousands of pressure distribution sensors. The digital foot scanner, from the computer for storing the data, the screen for the presentation of the analysis and the software used by the foot scaner  needs special knowledge and experience. The static digital foot scanner is ideal for the manufacture of special footwear and insoles.

  • Digital 3D (3D) scanning technology.
  • 550 scanning sensors.
  • 140,000 pixels per scan.
  • Pins height 6 cm

Depending on the case and after consultation with our specialized personnel, you can obtain the appropriate personalized pair of insoles or even the appropriate footwear specially made for women, men or children through a large collection.

Easy and painless

It is an easy and painless process. You need to take off your shoes and socks. For static counting, the specialist will ask you to stand in a relaxed, standing position on the surface of the foot scanner for a very short time.

In which cases is are the Custom-made Insoles recommended?

• Metatarsalgia (Metatarsal Fall)
• Kyphosis - Scoliosis.
• Flat feet- Pes Cavus.
• Heel pain
• Hallux Valgus - hammer toes
• Leg length discrepancy
• Pes varus - pes valgus


• Arthritis - Tendonitis.
• Intervertebral disc hernia - Sciatica - Back pain
• Patellar chondropathy
• Severe Sprains, Athletic Leg Injuries
• Athletes (preventive)
• Professionals with daily standing

What are the gains

-     Balancing the forces exerted on your body when you walk.
-     Better absorption of vibration.
-     Facilitate your day-to-day activities.
-     Reduce muscle fatigue.
-     Relieve pain in the middle, lower limbs and knees.

At the Koinis Orthopedics Stores you can order special footwear that will be made exclusively for you.

The basic material of the special pads is EVA, a special polymeric material, with a density range (from very soft to very hard) depending on the support and the discharge we need to offer.

Do not waste your time, make an appointment for a FREE FOOT SCAN, and the experts of the Koinis Orthopedics company will be there to solve any questions you may have while providing the best solutions for a more comfortable and relaxing walk!

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