width=Hearing is one of our five senses, we are born with them and are necessary for us to live naturally.Our hearing may be reduced for many reasons, such as old age, some diseases, and environmental and genetic factors.

How Do You Understand What You Need Hearing Aids?

  • You ask others to repeat something they have been told.
  • Watch a TV or radio at an undue intensity for the rest.
  • You have difficulty listening to others in a noisy environment.
  • You feel that others are confusing their words.
  • You do not listen well on the phone.
  • You feel that you can not participate in conversations.
  • You can not hear all the details in a serious conversation in your work.
  • Your intimates tell you that you do not listen to them.

How Do Hearing Aids Help Me?

  1. The hearing aid is an electronic device that accepts and magnifies sound. This sound is transmitted through the ear canal to the eardrum and then through the acoustic ossicles to the cochlea. A normal sound reaches the internal cochlea without the aid of a handset. With the hearing aid, the sound is transmitted enhanced and clear to the ear canal.
  2. When you can not hear what's going on around you, your mental and communicative skills are reduced. The earlier you start using hearing aids, the sooner you will notice the benefits.
  3. Your family and friends will feel happy with you because you will not be isolated and you can talk to them, do common activities, and be a homogeneous whole again.
  4. You and your loved ones will be more secure since you can hear important sounds such as alarm sirens, a horn on the street, and an ambulance siren.
  5. You will be more effective in your work since you will hear full and clear phone calls, your colleagues in a meeting, and your customers.

Think about how many times you do not do anything because you suffer from hearing loss, how many lifetime moments you lost, and how many pleasures you have lost..The decision in communication and happiness is yours! Earn again your lost happiness and confidence!

Our selected products, our years of experience and our continuous training guarantee the excellent choice of hearing aids that suit you perfectly.

Types of Hearing Aids

Based on the variety of canals.

About the number of canals, there is a variety of hearing aids.  This means that a multi-channel headset separates sound into bands of different frequencies, low, medium, high, and various subdivisions thereof. In this way, we can adjust the earpiece function in more detail and get closer to listening to the normal ear.

By size criterion

Connects directly to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch via the TruLink App.

     Your calls from your iPhone are transferred directly to your headset via Bluetooth.
     The sound is transported with excellent acoustic clarity
     Eliminates buzzing and whistling
     The music is transferred directly to your handset.

1. Internal earpiece (inside ear)

Extremely small, no one will notice that you wear it.

- Fully customized upon request
- For mild to moderate-severe hearing loss
- Absolutely invisible to most ears

2. Behind-Ear (behind the ear)

Small, discreet, and easy to place. Ideal for those who wear a hearing aid for the first time.

- Distinctive design
- Variety of color options
- Very easy to use
- For mild to severe hearing loss

3. In-Canal (in the ear canal)
Only the microscopic handle of the headset can be seen out of the ear.


- Almost undetectable
- For mild to moderately severe hearing loss
- Fully customized upon request

4. External earpiece (behind the ear)

The most popular hearing aid.  

- Distinctive design
- Variety of color options
- For moderate to severe hearing loss
- Very easy to use

5. Earpiece just above the ear canal
Custom hearing aid that fits into the ear canal. The smallest part of the earpiece appears on the outside of the ear.

- For mild to moderately severe hearing loss
- Variety of technology level choices that previously required greater reinforcement
- Fully customizable on request
- Variety of options in the available color
- Varichoi earpiece on the ear

6.Hearing aid in the outer part of the ear.

Easy adjustment
For mild to severe hearing loss
Fully adjustable on request
Variety of options in the available color

7. Hearing Aids  - Audio Amplifier - Fully Internal

Good start for those who are not ready for hearing aids.

- Invisible to most ears
- Designed specifically for users who will use headphones for the first time
- Easy to remove.

All of our Hearing Aids